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Golden Dog Farm – Jeffersonville, Vermont

After 25 years selling real estate in Vermont and New Hampshire, we have to admit, every day is a good day but some days are better than others. When the mail comes to the office and a bulging package covered in cool dog stickers arrives with your name on it, you know it’s going to be a good one.

Maple syrup is the lifeblood of the Vermont and New Hampshire forests. And dogs are our best friends. They really are.

Becca and Doug Worple really dig both. But when my longtime friend and colleague, Nan Carroll, and I helped them find the perfect Vermont hill farm in Jeffersonville we had no idea just how deeply they dug it.



Fast forward two years and welcome to Golden Dog Farm, the Worple’s family place in the Green Mountains of Vermont where both dogs and maple liquid sunshine come together front and center. Golden Dog produces organic maple syrup, honey, fruit, berries and nuts with maple syrup being the first product they produced on the farm for commercial sale in the Spring 2021.



Honey followed the next summer as well as the initial crafting of the 2021 vintage of white, rosé and red wines from the property’s vineyards. Sounds like an amazing place, right? Trust us, it is.



But what we love best here is the opportunity for the true maple fanatic and dog lover. Enter the Golden Dog Farm Adopt a Maple Program, offering you an opportunity to adopt and name one of the Maple trees in the Golden Dog Farm sugar woods after a beloved four-legged friend of yours. For every tree adopted, Golden Dog Farm donates 5% of the sale to the North Country Animal League to help support their adoption efforts to find pets a forever home. And you get some cool stuff, including some syrup, too.



Golden Dog Farm has a cool website with lots of great story telling. It’s more than worth a visit. Take a look and tell Dewey, Uncle Lenny, Mar, Doug and Becca know the Higgerson Team sent you! Happiness is golden.

And if you are searching for your own Vermont or New Hampshire dream property let Higgerson Team put their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to work to guide you home. We serve New Hampshire and Vermont with a focus on homes and land the Hanover, Lyme, Norwich, and Woodstock area real estate markets. From country estates to contemporary condominiums, our experience is broad and deep.

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